Google Analytics installation can be challenging for webmasters with limited technical knowledge. Have you wondered whether your recently installed Google Analytics (GA) is tracking your website data correctly? If it is your first time installing Google Analytics, this may be one of the questions you have in mind.


There are different ways to check your GA installation, but some involve installing additional Chrome extension or application. To make things simple, I have tested and summarized the following methods to check whether your Google Analytics has been installed properly without downloading additional softwares.


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What is Google Analytics?

If you are new to website and online marketing, you may not have heard of Google Analytics (I like to call it ‘GA’). It is one of the most powerful free web analysis tools for you to track and measure digital performance.


Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics operates under a freemium model. If you are looking for an integrated digital analytics solution to work across your company, you may want to subscribe to Google Analytics 360, which includes premium functionalities for enterprise users. However, for most website publishers, the basic functions included in the free version are sufficient to understand how users are using their websites.

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