5 Steps to Developing Ad Creatives that Grab Attention

Modern-day attention span has evolved, according to Prezi’s 2018 report. People are becoming more selective in the content they consume. In the online advertising domain, Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly some of the most competitive platforms when it comes to capturing attention. As users go through their personalized News Feeds and Stories, your ad is placed amongst friends’ vacation photos, family’s updates, cute babies pictures and adorable pet videos. How can you create an ad that stands out from the noise? The answer is: exemplary ad creatives.


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Swipe Right to the Top 3 Marketing Strategies for Online Dating Apps

Dating app has become a cultural phenomenon of the 21st century. It has emerged as the primary matchmaking platform for anyone seeking some sort of romance in our generation. Although the matchmaking market presents enormous business potential, it is also challenging to tackle at the same time. According to Forbes, over 90% of dating start ups fail.


In the market where users are spoilt with choices, only a select few have marketed themselves successfully to their target audience. But that’s not the end of the story. Keeping users on your platform is even harder than having them try out your app. Luckily, we can learn from the dating (app) experts, such as Tinder, Bumble, Grindr, Happn and Coffee Meets Bagel. Let’s take a dive into the dating pool and check out the 3 proven marketing strategies from the leading dating apps.


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The Secret Ingredients of Tasty’s Success Recipe

Video is the future of social media content. Snapchat reached 161 million daily users in the last quarter of 2016, and YouTube generated an annual revenue of USD 4 billion in 2016. Other social media platforms are eager to be part of the online video revolution. Facebook and Instagram, among other social media networks, are pushing their live story features. We are living in the age of video content explosion.


Riding on this trend, BuzzFeed’s food channel, Tasty, quickly became the third biggest video account on Facebook. Just on Facebook, the channel has 83 million page likes and over 1.18 video views. Simply put, Tasty is a channel of unique, delicious recipes presented in short videos. What is BuzzFeed’s secret recipe in turning such a simple, straight-forward concept into one of the world’s largest online food community?


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Google Display Network (GDN) is one of the most powerful advertising networks in the online space. With a network that spans over 2 million websites and 650,000 mobile applications, advertisers can reach more than 90% of all Internet users. If you are trying to build your first ever display campaign, or suffering from low click-through rates for your display ads, learn about these 6 easy tips to creating successful display campaign.


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Google Analytics installation can be challenging for webmasters with limited technical knowledge. Have you wondered whether your recently installed Google Analytics (GA) is tracking your website data correctly? If it is your first time installing Google Analytics, this may be one of the questions you have in mind.


There are different ways to check your GA installation, but some involve installing additional Chrome extension or application. To make things simple, I have tested and summarized the following methods to check whether your Google Analytics has been installed properly without downloading additional softwares.


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This is great.


You are ready to create your own website, and have picked out a website platform to build the website with. So what’s next? Website design and development can be an overwhelming process. A lot has to be taken into consideration when you are starting a new website. Here’s all you need to know for building your website from scratch.


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Learning from Old Spice’s Viral Marketing Campaign

I believe that it is fair to call Old Spice’s Smell Like A Man, Man (2010) a pioneer in viral marketing campaign. The campaign not only generated buzz in the market, but also achieved great sales growth driven directly by its marketing efforts, clearly showing the positive impact a viral marketing campaign can bring to a brand.


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What is Google AdWords?

In order to master Google AdWords, you must first understand the basics. Google AdWords is an advertising service or businesses to display advertising messages based on users’ search query on Google. It operates under the pay-per-click  (PPC) model, in which advertisers only have to pay when the ad is clicked.


Paid listings, which are denoted by green boxes with the word ‘Ad’ in them, are listed on the top or
bottom of the search engine results page, followed by organic or unpaid listings. For some of the popular keywords, the ads may also appear in page 2 of the search results. In 2016, Google has updated the design of its interface and ads are no longer shown on the right hand side column of the search engine results page (SERP).

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What is a Google Search Operator?

Are you tired of reading through numerous search results but still not finding what you want? To make life easier, search engines have a list of search operators that filter the results you see on the search engine results page (SERP).


A search operator, or a search parameter, is a string of characters used in a search query to narrow the focus of the search. Search operators, luckily, are not exclusive to Google. Major search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Yandex each has its own search operators that enable users to look for specific results. These tricks are not only convenient for regular users, but also valuable for search specialists to uncover issues that otherwise are hidden in websites.


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What is Google Analytics?

If you are new to website and online marketing, you may not have heard of Google Analytics (I like to call it ‘GA’). It is one of the most powerful free web analysis tools for you to track and measure digital performance.


Launched in November 2005, Google Analytics operates under a freemium model. If you are looking for an integrated digital analytics solution to work across your company, you may want to subscribe to Google Analytics 360, which includes premium functionalities for enterprise users. However, for most website publishers, the basic functions included in the free version are sufficient to understand how users are using their websites.

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