What is Pay Your Selfie?

Launched in September 2015, Pay Your Selfie is a Chicago-based mobile application that pays users for taking selfies.

Every week, there is a new batch of tasks valued from 20 cents to $1 (all in USD). Tasks include taking a snacking selfie, taking a cinema selfie and taking a beach selfie. For every task completed, your red pig gets fatter instantly. Every successful referral will be reward 50 cents. When you reach $20 in successfully completed tasks, you can cash out and receive a check in the mail or donate your payout to charity. It’s almost like a selfie scavenger hunt.


What happens in Pay Your Selfie, stays in Pay Your Selfie. Unlike other selfie apps, you do not need to share your photos publicly, although there is the option of sharing your selfies to your social media accounts.



Why would someone pay you to take a selfie?

We appeal to anyone who is taking pictures throughout their life – Michelle Smyth, Cofounder and CEO of Pay Your Selfie


pay your selfie interfaceThrough the mobile app, Pay Your Selfie is able to collect data on consumers’ behaviour and locations. By analyzing streams of image, the company is able to establish a consumer profile, which is incredibly valuable for retailers and marketers. It is a creative alternative for marketers who are still using focus groups or other traditional ways of market research. This can be a huge opportunity for products and services targeting Millennials, whom are active selfie-takers.


Companies that work with Pay Your Selfie set a target number of selfies to be collected, and give Pay Your Selfie at least $2 per usable image, within which a portion of goes to the selfie taker. Companies who have collected data through Pay Your Selfie include Crest, Proctor & Gamble’s oral hygiene brand.




What makes Pay Your Selfie popular?

#1 Easy Money

The app helps users make money off their consumption habit. Since many users are already taking selfies on a daily basis, why not get paid while doing what they love? The app provides reasonable incentives to attract users to share their selfies.


#2 Clean Design & User Interface

Using the app is easy and hassle-free. Users only need to fill out simple information before they can begin to complete selfie tasks.


#3 Simple Concept

Pay Your Selfie converts selfies (social currency) to cold, hard money. Enough said.


#4 Social Element

Users are able to share their selfies on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. By connecting the app with these social networking sites, users do not need to upload the same photos twice to share them with their friends. If your friends happen to sign up with Pay Your Selfie through the unique social sharing links, users will get extra cash bonuses.



Learn more about Pay Your Selfie

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