What is JUST EAT?

JUST EAT started off with Jesper Buch, a man with the idea of making ordering takeaway just a little bit easier, in his Danish basement in 2000. Today,  JUST EAT is the market leader of the European takeaway aggregator market, with a partner network of 64,000 restaurants. In the first quarter of 2016, the food delivery giant processed more than 64.9 million orders worldwide.



What is the JUST EAT business model?

JUST EAT runs on a highly scalable business model. The company receives a 11-12% commission from its restaurant partners whenever orders are placed through the platform. As restaurants play a key role in its business, the group has invested heavily in building its partner network. For example, the Driverapp and the Partner Centers are tools to make life easier for delivering and order management respectively.


In addition, to keep costs low, the group does not own any delivery truck and simply acts as an intermediary. Restaurant partners take care of and deliver the order to the customers’ doorstep.



How is JUST EAT disrupting the food industry?

Takeaway apps are nothing new. In the global market of food delivery aggregator, Deliveroo, Eat24, GrubHub UberEATS and Food Panda are leaders in their respective markets. JUST EAT, however, sets itself apart from the competitors with continuous innovation that is transforming the whole industry.



#1 Self-driving Delivery Robots

just eat self driving delivery robotIn December 2016, JUST EAT has deployed its first autonomous robot to deliver food orders in London. Driving at a speed of 3km/h, JUST EAT robots are able to deliver food to the hands of customers within 5-30 minutes, which is significantly less than the usual 45 minutes. The obstacle avoidance software and Internet connectivity help the self-driven device steer clear of obstacles and navigate its way to the customer. In addition, the anti-theft protocol, which involves 9 cameras, a human operator and calling the police, allows the robots to deliver the order in a safe way.


#2 Group Ordering Experience on Smart TVs

JUST EAT is set to launch mobile apps Smart TVs  to create the industry-first group ordering experience. The feature will be available to users of Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV as well as selective brands of Smart TVs. Family and friends in the same room will soon be able to combine their orders, hence co-creating their food discovery experience. By integrating the technology into every household, JUST EAT is hoping to become part of customers’ everyday routines.


#3 Artificial Intelligence (AI) as Order Assistantamazon echo just eat food ordering

JUST EAT has integrated its mobile app with Amazon’s virtual assistant Echo for order-checking and reordering. The more you use Echo, the more it adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences. It is very possible that Echo will soon be able to predict your next order. Moreover, the company is developing a new way to order food with only voice commands, instead of relying on visual information.


#4 Augmented Reality (AR) to Visualize Food

JUST EAT attempts to bring the physical environment of food ordering to life through Augmented Reality. Instead of reading through simple text, customers will soon be able to visualize the menu with Microsoft Hololens, as if they were standing in front of a buffet table.


#5 Chatbots as Food Coach

Customers will soon be able to message the Coach, the JUST EAT chatbots on its website, app and Facebook Messenger. These ‘coaches’ will provide recommendation on restaurants, food choices and address customer concerns, in order to make food discovery easier.



Technology is Changing the Game

The modern age food revolution is not simply about feeding the world safely and sustainably. As consumers are demanding SMART experiences, the foodservice industry is being challenged to bring something new to the table. The only way to grow and thrive in this transforming marketplace is to innovate. JUST EAT is one of the companies that strives to lead the food tech industry, through reinventing how customers interact with food.


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