FBX is history. Tweets are no longer 140 characters long. And Snapchat is rich.


#1 Facebook Exchange is Shutting Down

facebook exchange fbx logoFacebook is officially shutting down its 2012-launched desktop ad exchange FBX as marketing dollars are shifting towards mobile.

Comment: This is not surprising news as Facebook has been downplaying FBX since January 2015. It is logical for Facebook to reinvest their resources in other products to provide an omni-channel solution for advertisers.

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#2 Twitter Changes 140-Character Limit Rule

twitter character limit changeTwitter is becoming more user friendly as it excludes usernames and media attachments from the character limit, in order to combat user loss in recent years.

Comment: While other social networking sites are actively improving their user experience, Twitter has fallen behind for years. If they do not reinvent their business sooner, they will gradually be abandoned by users, who are already moving on to new social media platforms.

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#3 Snapchat Raises US$1.8 Billion in Funding

snapchat gets massive fundingSnapchat has raised $1.8 billion in its latest funding round to support growth plans.

Comment: Being one of the most popular social networking apps used by millennials, it is true that Snapchat has a loyal user base that presents great advertising opportunity for marketers. However, Snapchat is still struggling to generate a steady stream of revenue to a massive valuation. If Snapchat is unable to sustain growth and retain its current users, it will not survive when the tech bubble bursts.

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