Many say Facebook is the new Myspace. Let’s take a quick look at the latest updates from Facebook, who is still by far the biggest player in the social media scene.


#1 Facebook Messenger app rolls out a new design

facebook messenger iconThe Facebook Messenger app has a new home screen that re-organizes information for users.

Comment: Facebook Messenger is one of the least used app on my phone, primarily due to its lack of additional functionalities. Hopefully, this is not the end of the redesign and development of the app. With its user base, the app definitely has huge potential.

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#2 Facebook introduces video comment

facebook video commentUsers are now able to leave a video in the comments section on the desktop web version, updates on the Facebook mobile app will follow shortly.

Comment: This is obviously Facebook’s strategy to win users from Snapchat, as more users favour expressive video content.

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#3 Facebook Live pays US$50 million to video creators

facebook live streamingFacebook signs deal with media agencies, digital publishers and celebrities for Facebook Live, a new live streaming video product, to encourage video creation and open up a new advertising revenue stream.

Comment: As video sharing platforms like YouTube and Snapchat grow exponentially, Facebook is eager to get its share of the pie. It’s always about the money.

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