What’s 10-hats?

Founded in 2016 by Vanessa Tao, 10-hats is an up-and-coming digital marketing blog in Hong Kong. Unlike many digital marketing blogs in Hong Kong, we are a non-profit, interest-driven blog driven by passion and curiosity.


Having both original content and selective references, 10-hats is more than just a blog – it offers collective intelligence for every digital newb to understand the basics of online marketing. We set out to be the platform that provides the best solution to every question that beginners will come across in pursuing digital marketing initiatives.


10-hats aims at aggregating the most relevant information and provide the best solution to your questions, and to avoid any time-wasters. I have walked your path. And this digital marketing blog is here to support you all the way.


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So, what does 10-hats mean?

You have probably heard of the idiom ‘wear many hats’. It basically means having multiple roles and responsibility. Like many, I wear more than one hat, and being a blogger is one of my many identities. When I put on my digital hat, I hope to share information with my readers with a personal touch.


But blogging is more than typing words on screen. It is a amalgamation of different roles. Researcher, writer, editor, graphic designer are the different hats a blogger has to put on, just to name a few. To adapt to such diverse roles, one has to be open to new experiences in an unfamiliar world, like how 10-hats strives to become an open platform for people to exchange information and share ideas.


Happy reading!


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