Google Analytics installation can be challenging for webmasters with limited technical knowledge. Have you wondered whether your recently installed Google Analytics (GA) is tracking your website data correctly? If it is your first time installing Google Analytics, this may be one of the questions you have in mind.


There are different ways to check your GA installation, but some involve installing additional Chrome extension or application. To make things simple, I have tested and summarized the following methods to check whether your Google Analytics has been installed properly without downloading additional softwares.


3 Easy Ways to Check Google Analytics Installation


#1 Check Tracking Code

For every Google Analytics account, there is a unique tracking code, also known as tracking ID or property number. It basically tells Google Analytics which account and property to send data to. The tracking code is a string in the form of UA-000000-01. The first set of number (000000) is your account number, and the second set (-01) is your property number.


To know whether your website is paired with the right Google Analytics account, you need to make sure that the tracking code planted on your website is the same with your GA account number.


  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Go to the Admin page
  3. Click on Tracking Info under Property
  4. Click on Tracking Code in the expanded Tracking Info menu
  5. Your tracking code is displayed
  6. Open a new tab or window on your browser and go to your website
  7. Right click and select View Page Source
  8. Use Ctrl+F or Command+F to search for analytics
  9. Check whether the 2 tracking codes match


google analytics admin tracking code


google analytics admin tracking code


google analytics tracking code



#2 Test Real-Time Reports

Real-Time is a great Google Analytics function that allows you to monitor your website activity as it takes place. Website data in Real-Time are updated continuously with only 1-2 seconds of delay in reporting. There are 6 reports under the Real-Time tab, namely Overview, Locations, Traffic Sources, Content, Events and Conversions. To check your GA installation, the simplest way is to look at the number of active users.


6 steps to use the Real-Time feature:

  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Select the domain you want to check and go to ‘Reporting’ view
  3. Click on ‘Real-Time’ in the left hand side column
  4. Go to ‘Overview’
  5. Look at the number of active users on your site right now
  6. Open a new tab or window on your browser and go to your website
  7. Check if the number of active users has +1


google analytics real time reports


This method is great for new websites or websites with relatively few traffic. If your website has a lot of daily traffic, looking at Real-Time data may not be the best way for you to check your Google Analytics installation.



#3 Use GA Checker

GA Checker is an online tool that can be very useful for smaller sites. This tool verifies the presence of a UA number and track pageview call, and the presence of the javascript file that is listed above. You simply input your domain into the search bar, then hit Check Your Site.


google analytics online checker


Although I only tested Google Analytics, GA checker also claims supports the checking of Google Analytics Remarketing, Google Universal Analytics, Google Analytics Experiments, Google Tag Manager, Google AdWords Conversion, Google AdWords Phone Conversion, Google AdWords Remarketing, Google AdWords Dynamic Remarketing, and Google DoubleClick. So feel free to try these features too!


If you have any questions about your Google Analytics installation, please leave me a comment below!